This picture makes me emotional.

It reminds me of how much I used to doubt myself.  Especially in the workplace.

I remember one incident vividly; I was asked a question in a meeting by a senior executive.  I knew the answer but instead of responding, I turned to my male colleague and asked for his thoughts.  Later that day my co-worker (who was like a mentor to me) pulled me aside to ask me why I deferred to my colleague when I knew the answer.  Hmmm…she made a good point.

Why did I doubt myself?  I needed to stop.  So I did.

I realised I needed to start fully showing up and to put myself out there.  My voice was meant to be heard. 

So I spoke up, again and again. Sometimes my voice quivered.  Over time less so.

I am happy to say that person is long gone.  Do I know all the answers?  Nooooo…but…

✔   I am okay with being wrong.

✔   I am okay with not having all the answers.

❌   I am NOT okay with hiding behind other people to speak for me.