Many of us look back on our lives and think of those lessons we wish we only had known as a younger version of ourselves. Those lessons that could have helped us to be at our best just a little earlier on in life. As the years go by we become wiser (hopefully), as we learn from our experiences.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Here is a candid letter to my younger 25-year-old self [Sharon-Y] from her much wiser older forty-something self [Sharon-O].

Here goes…

Dear Sharon-Y,
You will soon see that it all works out for the best. That I can say.

It won’t be easy but keep going because life is wonderful. If you don’t appreciate that now you will. Here are some pearls of wisdom I learned along the way that I think will help you in your journey.

First, don’t worry so much. There are things you can control, things you can influence, and the rest is just simply out of your hands.

Focus your energy on the things you can control or influence. Spending your time thinking of what could go wrong, what people think of you, or whatever other fear crosses your mind is a waste of your precious time unless you can change it. By the way, you aren’t going to let worry stop you anyway, so why not enjoy your youth more?

As the saying goes “today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”.

That leads me to my second pearl. Today.

That is all you have at any point in time so be grateful and be present.

You spend quite a bit of time planning and thinking about the future but tend to forget about the moment you are experiencing.

Stop it. Really try to stop it please. You will see that while you are doing all of your planning that life is happening around you. Get out and clear your mind and just experience the life that is a gift to all of us. You can’t get it back so make the most of each moment and enjoy!

The last pearl. Enjoy.

How you ask? Start by laughing more.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Keep surrounding yourself with those you love who not only are there for you in difficult times but are there for you in happy times. These friends will help you to see the crazy, silly side of life so you realise not to take yourself or life too seriously. Life can actually be a lot of fun if you lighten up.

Always keep your sense of humour, it is one of the greatest gifts.

I hope this advice helps you to make the most of the time you have in your twenties. It goes by fast but don’t worry you’ll love the other decades.

Love always,

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