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What exactly is life coaching?

You may have heard the term life coaching and wondered what exactly is a life coach?  And, no a life coach doesn’t save people from drowning (yes, I really did get that question once), that would be a life guard.  A life coach is a person you work with to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  This could be gaining clarity on what you want in your life, whether it is within your career, relationships or other areas.  This could also be figuring out what is holding your back from reaching your goals, maybe it is lack of motivation or confidence, a fear of failing, or even a feeling of being overwhelmed by all the steps to reach the goal.  A life coach can help you to identify the obstacles and help you to overcome them.  Some people may already know what they want but could use accountability by having someone help them set their interim goals and hold them accountable to meeting the goals.  These are all ways a life coach can work with you.

One key ingredient in the coaching relationship is YOU.  The premise behind life coaching is that you, the “coachee” have the answers inside of you.  You are capable and resourceful.  You may just need someone to help you figure out what it is you are missing, needing, thinking, feeling, etc. and a strategy to move ahead to achieving the outcome you want to reach.  These answers come from you.  A life coach doesn’t provide you the answers and the direction but empowers you to identify the answers and set the direction.  This is done by the coach asking thoughtful questions and using tools or techniques to help you gain clarity and ultimately the outcome you are seeking.  Finally, a coach is not a therapist.   A therapist can help you heal issues and traumas from your past, a coach is focused on your future and while issues from your past may arise during a coaching session the focus is to recognize the issue and find a way to move toward your goal.

Many life coaches start by offering a free consultation where you can meet with the coach to discuss your goals, understand how the coach will work with you and ultimately see if you feel the coach and coaching process is right for you.  If you are interested in exploring life coaching you can schedule a free consultation